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The Carriage Travel Club

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Join us at the
2017 Florida National Rally

April 3rd thru April 9th

  Clerbrook Golf and RV Resort

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2017 Florida National Program

A super affordable new plan
for an AT&T unlimited data hotspot
For those RVers that don't have AT&T cell phone service, there's a little known mobile data device, called the "Mobley"  that can be implemented on a brand new data-only plan that will give you unlimited hot spot data for just $20 a month . . . .  without already having an existing AT&T account!

The new plan is called the AT&T Connected Car Unlimited Data Plan.  Scroll to the bottom of the AT&T linked page and you will see that the pricing for this stand alone UNLIMITED data plan is indeed only $20 per month. 

Sadly, many AT&T reps are not aware of this new plan and have to be educated.   The device is free if you want a 24 month contract or you can purchase it outright for $99 from an AT&T corporate store or from Best Buy.  Many stores are out of stock and have to order them.  There's a 14-day trial period during which you can return the Mobley if it doesn't work well for you.

The Mobley was designed to plug into into your vehicle's OBD-II port BUT Amazon and eBay sell AC adapters that will allow you to use the Mobley in your home or RV, just like any other hotspot. 

Report: Your webmaster has been using the Mobley hot spot for a little while now.  It works well in the car and in the camper (when powered by a special AC Adapter Cord )

The Mobleys can be difficult to find and since so many stores are not familiar with them, and they can be a challenge to get activated.  Many people report that the easiest way to obtain one is to buy if from Best Buy and then take it to a CORPORATE AT&T store (NOT an authorized retailer) to open the new account.  Others have had good luck buying at Best Buy and letting Best Buy set it up.  Every one is excited about $20 a month for an unlimited hot spot.

FMCA will most likely invite towables to join their membership next year.
The  Editor's Corner and RV Business
explain why

Do you use a portable generator?

Siskiyou County, Calif., officials are more than alarmed as three people have died in a two-month period from carbon monoxide poisoning. Two of the deaths were RVers, both of whom perished when the deadly gas infiltrated their rigs as they ran generators outside. Officials remind RVers to have working carbon monoxide detectors in their rigs and, if using a portable generator, keep it at least 20 feet from windows and doors.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

This is the public side of the Carriage Travel Club website.

Members must login to gain full access.  If you are having difficulty logging in via a cell phone or tablet, tap the login icon at the bottom of your screen. For details on using the system on a mobile device, tap the 3 line menu icon at the bottom of the mobile screen and read the menu choice "Using Tablets/Cell Phones"


  Welcome to the Carriage Travel Club Website!

For over 40 years our club has provided its members with the means to gather and share common interests. We strive to provide some of the support services no longer available from manufacturers. Information regarding the operation and maintenance of our rigs and other RV products and services is shared at our camp-outs, our rallies, and through the many forums on the "member only" pages of this website.


Owners of Carriage Inc. RVs, Lifestyle Luxury Recreational Vehicles LLC RVs; and 5th wheels produced by Evergreen Recreational Vehicles LLC, are automatically eligible for membership.  Owners of other brands are welcomed via our "sponsored members" program. 

If you are the owner of one of the above RVs, or have an existing sponsorship, consider joining us and seeing all the club has to offer.  Membership is only $20 per year.  We enjoy great times and are always looking for like-minded individuals to share them with. Read our Benefits Section to learn more about the club and what we do.
Be sure and check out the Highlights page of our most recent National Rallies (on the site menu) and see for yourself what a fun time we have! Then visit a chapter function or become a member and attend one of our national rallies to join in on the fun and fellowship.


  Looking for a Rig?
If you're considering purchasing a used Carriage RV and wonder why this brand appears to have a higher price tag, you might find this dealer training manual very informative.  This manual was written in Carriage's last years to provide dealers with knowledge of their product's construction.  If you care about quality, you'll find this useful in your decision making process.  Carriage Construction

Pre-owned Carriages and
Lifestyles for sale.

Click the four arrows on the right, under the photo to enlarge
Click the right arrow in the bar below the photo to start the slideshow and see all of the rigs for sale. 


The "Club" is an organization where good fellowship and camaraderie
turn fellow members into extended "family".

Admin - Winter Texans Luncheon

Winter Texan's Luncheon December 2015




There are typically two major rallies each year along with numerous campouts organized by local chapters and scattered throughout the country.  These activities are shown on the member's activity calendar and posted within the Club's quarterly newsletter - the "Campin' Nooz".  A sample copy is available: Campin' Nooz